Use this website as your personal Virtual Open
House for your mobile home or motorhome

  • You get a full page to post all your home's photos, description, price and contact information.
  • Unlike constantly revolving Facebook pages, your page is static.
  • You can print out your page and use it as a brochure/flyer for prospective buyers.
  • There's no time limit: You can keep your page here until your home sells.
  • There are no commissions to pay us.
  • You can utilize our helpful, free articles.
  • You can possibly save $500 to $6,000 in commissions by selling your home without a real estate agent or broker.

Your Virtual Open House web page (one) is free when you purchase our
Sell Your Home FSBO Package (20 page tips booklet + Purchase Agreement Templates) for $14.95.

If you choose not to order the FSBO package, or if you have multiple homes for sale, the fee for each (additional) home listed here is $9 each. That's all, nothing else.

This is the first mobile home I owned and sold on my own using my own
marketing tips after firing my real estate agent. I attracted the buyer in 6 days.
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What IS
• We are a directory and showcase of currently available mobile homes for sale by their current owners.
• We are a
supplement to your advertising efforts.
• We plan to become a directory of services and suppliers you may need.
• We are a source of selling tips to help you sell your mobile home.
• We are your own web page publisher.

What ISN'T
• We aren't real estate agents or brokers.
• We aren't lawyers.
• We aren't accountants.
• We aren't photographers.
• We aren't a replacement for newspaper and other types of advertising.
• We aren't a replacement for having For Sales signs posted on your home.

Why we offer this:
• We want to see more people selling their mobile homes on their own, without an agent, so they don't have to pay very large commissions which can, in some cases, inflate the selling price to one that discourages sales, and also require that an owner go further into debt.
• We see so many For Sale signs on mobile homes that remain unsold for many months.... often a year or more! We wondered: why aren't these homes selling? And we decided that we had a better way!
• We want to see you sell your home quickly for a good price.

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